Ladies and Gentlemen, I have <a href="">switched</a>. Yao Ming has worked his 7 foot 6 inch magic on me and I'm now the user of a <a href="">12" Powerbook</a>. I say user because it's technically meant to be Faith's. But we're going to share. *reminds self* <em>we're going to <strong>share</strong></em>.
So far I've been terribly, extremely, wonderfully impressed with the Mac. Having owned a fair share of computers, it's no small matter when I say that opening the powerbook's packaging had my hands trembling with anticipation. Despite PCs being "mainstream", there has been nothing close to the professional look and feel of a Mac product.
The 12" powerbook came with a free 10GB iPod, which is in itself another cause for endless drool. All of a sudden, the little annoyances that we've been taught to endure as PC users are solved with little thoughtful design implementations by Apple. I can vouch this: Owning a Mac is a liberating experience.
Sure the software takes some getting used to, but from what I've heard, the OS is as user-friendly or as customisable as you want it to be. The only thing I'm sad about is that my Photolog doesn't display as it should on IE5/Mac, and MoveableType doesn't have the handle little buttons (for bold, italics and hyperlinks) on Safari.
While typing this entry, I've had to remind myself to swallow twice already for fear of drowning from my incessant drooling.
So people who've been considering it (<a href="">Rannie</a>, I know you are), switch. You'll feel like a kid on Christmas day again.

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