After Metamorphosis

I spoke to Zahid a few nights ago. We spent the better part of the evening sitting and chatting, something we haven't done in a good two years.
Zahid and I go way back to the beginning of life here at the University of Arizona. Having both started out in Spring of 2000, we were the odd ones out. Most people start in the Fall semester. Many evenings were spent crossing the road from the dorms to Carl's Jr. to grab a bite. It's amazing how time has passed us both by.
He's now awaiting the processing of his visa that would allow him to continue working here in the United States. He spoke about the constant discrimination he faced as a foreigner, and though I am glad to have found someone who shared my incredulity at white dominance I am saddened that he should have to suffer it first-hand.
Political talk at work goes like this: Americans make disparaging remarks about other civilisations. Foreigners like Zahid get fired up and retort. A short intellectual argument ensues. Americans fire ultimatum of "if you don't like it here you can always leave".
I've had emails saying more or less the same thing when I write my own opinions here. It dampens our spirits to be oppressed in such a manner. We become slaves, dependent on the United States because of their new-found dominance in the world economy, and told to strip ourselves of our identities and opinions if we wanted to stay.
It is a heavy hand that presses upon our backs. Slavery has taken a new form.

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