Back on the Warpath

Many of us against the war complained about it before it all began. We stood with our signs and signed countless petitions. When Bush went ahead anyway, we pulled back the lines and adopted a wait-and-see (not <a href="">Waite and See</a>) approach in hope that the US would prove us wrong by actually living up to the gentle giant it wanted everyone to believe it was.
<a href="">Part of the new US proposed resolution</a> on Iraq strips the facade.
<blockquote>The United States and Britain submitted letters to the Security Council recognizing their obligations as occupying powers. The draft refers to them as the "Authority".</blockquote>
Occupying. That's from the word occupation, wasn't it? So at least for the time being (we hope), the Iraqi people have exchanged one dictator for another.
<blockquote>All proceeds from oil sales would go into the Development Fund until an "internationally recognized" Iraqi government is established. The monies would be "disbursed at the direction" of the Authority (United States and Britain), in consultation with the Iraqi interim administration.</blockquote>
<blockquote>All your money are belong to us. I'll take the wallet, thank you very much. And here's my business card. The money was for your mother's birthday present? Sorry dude, write me a letter and I'll see what I can do.</blockquote>
There's justice. Then there's <strong>American Justice</strong>. No wonder Bush was clear to point out that they were different.
Link via <a href="">Andrea</a>.

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