Cynicism Cylically

Don't know if I'll ever learn to totally trust anyone. I'm not the paranoid sort who has been "burntbadly once before and will never trust again" kind. It's just that all my life I've lived using a heightened sense of intuition. I easily discern a look in someone's eye or their body language, or hidden motivations in a given situation. It is a safeguard that I find hard to let go of.
Having Faith by my side all these years has prevented me from going all bitter about people around me. Far too often I've noticed human motivations to be rather sinister and perverse, and it is truly by the grace of God that Faith's presence in my life has taught me to trust a little more and believe in the "inherent good" found in people. I haven't learnt to trust anyone more than I trust myself, and I don't trust myself a great deal. What I've compromised to is believing that people – well, most at least – are probably as confused and helpless to their own instinctive motivations as I am. So, however sinister and perverse their intentions may be seen to be, I discount that their premeditation part was not indecisive and muddled, a result of being in the moment.
There are times when I've been proven wrong, and my new-found faith in people is shaken. Guys who intentionally cheat on their girlfriends. That's a glowing example. I'm fine if both parties were totally lost in their love and one party made a mistake. But the fact remains that there are people out there wicked enough to lead the other on all the way.
God hates the wicked. God loves everyone. Everyone is wicked. I know you're going to tell me how God hates the sin but not the sinner. Separating the two is such a paper-thin procedure.

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