Labour Inducing

Internet connectivity doesn't seem to be a strong point of my house back in Singapore. We've the good old dialup internet, but even that doesn't always work. So here I am again, a year later, updating my blog at the library. Where are the WiFi hotspots in Singapore that I can <strike>exploit</strike> make use of? Do tell if you know of any good (read free or very cheap) ones.
While packing the house back in Tucson, I dug through all my old collectibles and found photos of Faith I had brought over from Singapore. Though taken a good decade or so ago, it seems like it were only yesterday we made fish-feeding at the Singapore Botanic Gardens a pastime.
Things have changed while I was gone. For one, my driving license has expired and now everyone has those spiffy looking ones. Parkway Parade – the mall just behind my house – has undergone some sort of a facelift. I will have to peer the inner workings of my other home as soon as I muster the strength to plough through this 99% humidity.
Foodwise, everything's going according to plan. I've been systematically hantaming (local term for whacking the daylights out of) the coffee shops and food places. Considering that I don't really have a deadline this time, I reckoned I had better take it slow for fear of getting stretch marks.

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