Had been meaning to write about our acclimatisation to the SARS situation in Singapore. Even though people keep telling me that things were already returning to nomalcy before I came home, the experience of being here in the thick of it is certainly different from reading about it a few thousand miles away.
For starters, our plane had to transit via Taiwan. Our theory when we booked the flight was that Singapore had SARS anyway, so a one-hour transit in Taiwan wasn't going to be half as dangerous as living in Singapore.
I slept a large part of the flight, and it scared me to wake up to hordes of passengers standing up and donning on their ninja masks. Our initial reaction was to laugh, but when the aeroplane staff started wearing the masks as well we got just a tad worried.
Coming out of Changi airport and into the arms of family members gave us a sense of conclusion that the flight was over, but it is hard to ignore the countless booths set up in public places that took the temperatures of each and every person. The technology was astounding: thermometers that used laser beams to read your temperature to the thermal scanners that produced infrared moving images.
I'm highly impressed at how Singapore has handled the SARS situation and the steps taken to lessen the inconvenience. The ninjas here have dissipated, and we now walk bare-faced. The worst is over, we presume.
It's good to be home.
Now somebody do something about the humidity.

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