No Fun and Games

My peecee decided to stop doing complex 3D rendering on its own accord. The strike started yesterday night and despite extensive negotiations (reinstalling video drivers, Nortoning my peecee etc), the blue men in my CPU refused to resume work in the 3D department. That means no NBA Live 2003, no Dark Age of Camelot. No games, period.
Having recently switched to a Mac, I decided to explore my new platform's gaming goodness. Went to Best Buy and browsed through the shelves. <a href="">Blizzard</a> aside, the rest of the game developers just seemed happy catering to the PC crowd. Undeterred by the taunts <a href="">Biscotti</a> sent me a few days ago (<a href="">the Mac Gamer Switch Parody</a>), I headed to <a href=""></a>. I am almost convinced that the words "Mac" and "Gamer" aren't meant to be strung together. Even my favourite gaming site <a href="">Gamespot</a> mocks me. The navigation for browsing by platform has PC, XBox, Gamecube, PS2 and Gameboy Advanced under it. It's as if Macs live in a parallel universe as far as gaming is concerned.
Mac users out there, what on earth do you guys do to have fun? Guess I'll drive around town with <a href="">MacStumbler</a> on and search for WiFi hotspots.

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