Total Recall

Like sand slipping through my fingers, I grasp on to my remaining moments here in Tucson in futility. The night approaches and the skies darkens, and my view of the mountains fades to black as another day departs from us forever. It feels like Tucson is a dream and Singapore reality. The stark brightness of day frightens me, and like many dreamers before me I am afraid to wake up too quickly lest the dream's light imprints on my memory is swept away by any sudden movement.
Like an old man whose weakness becomes more apparent each day, youth's clarity will abandon me and I fear I will not remember your name or the feel of your hug. You, so many of you, have touched me in so many ways and my heart is inevitably molded because of you.
Thanks, all of you who were Tucson to me. I will remember how you loved me, even if the whats, wheres, whens and whos fade away from me. A part of my heart will always be home to you all, and my love for you found therein.
God bless.

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