I sat in the front-right seat of the car, stepped on the clutch, started the engine and drove. My mind almost didn't notice that all the direction of traffic was reversed, or that I was sitting on what used to be the passenger side of the car. *click* and life goes on.
The new cake store across the street where the old quack doctor used to be catches my eye. So do a few other small details. Having landed in Singapore only this afternoon, it is scary how fast I took to swimming the moment my nose hit the water. On the other side of the globe, life as I knew it for the past few years goes on without me.
On the other hand, I attempted to plug in my old extension cord I had been using in Tucson. The circuit breaker snapped as the built-in surge protector kicked in, unused to the 220 volts that now ran through the powerlines.
The two extremes kinda how describe me right now. I'm not sure if fitting in so fast undoes the last three years of my life, or if I'll ever fit back in.
For you folks I met at <a href="">SXSW</a>, I'll miss not being close enough to have gotten to know you better over a longer period of time.
I'm here, and I'm still blogging. So some semblance of life is still the same.

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