A Photographer's Vow

Inscribed upon my heart while watching you during our indoor photoshoot.
<blockquote>I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that you've chosen me to be the photographer of your life;
to capture every moment of your life on the canvas of my life.
Though the photographer fires away, his flash illuminating the room at intervals, it is I who snaps away without ceasing.
Every second
every microsecond
every nanosecond is captured,
each one a still
every one as vibrant as the last
because you were born to live
a life filled with endless colour.
And I was born
to chronicle it.
I would marry you
a thousand times,
no, a million times over
if it meant that I could
run the replays of your life
over and over;
to feel your life rewriting mine.

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