Deep Calls to Deep

It's been two Sundays here in Singapore already. The children I carried in my arms not too long ago are now of not-so-carriable proportions. I'm thankful that they still remember me. There are some things different about church this time round though.
It doesn't stem from my reacclimatisation – that has been relatively smooth. It is the memory of friends and spiritual siblings in the distant land that was home to me less than two weeks ago. I sit in church and sometimes wonder what they're all doing that very moment.
There are no time zones in my musings. I imagine them sitting in the pews, chatting away, even though the reality will only take place fifteen hours later. There are not many of them because most of the college kids have returned home to nearby Phoenix or California for the summer vacations. There's vacation Bible school to be planned out for, and summer jobs to be had.
It's hard to describe how much I miss all of you. The reluctant fact that I'll miss out on a large part of all your lives saddens me greatly. I want so much to be there, and yet here. I sometimes wish I could converge the paths of our lives and somehow live the two dimensions, both spatial and time. One can't have too many soulmates, I say.
If any of you Tucsonans (present or past) are reading this, know that I miss you. Send my love to the children.

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