Flat Out

Faith and I are now the proud owners of our new home. After getting the keys this morning, we rushed down (Faith teaches in the afternoon) to take a look at the place.
We stood there for a while before churning out a cacophony of ideas. Where the reading corners would be; where we'd put up shelves for the huge collection of children's books Faith has accumulated over the years; where to set up the Mac shrine etc.
It's weird to think of ourselves as homeowners. In so many ways, we still act like children. I'm thankful for it though. The fact that we got together so early meant that we comfortable being our childhood selves with each other. We sing cartoon tunes from the eighties – from Denver the last dinosaur to Mask. Even now as I'm typing this, I hear Faith exclaim "Wondertwin powers activate!". Apparently her sister and her stumbled upon the old cartoon on the Cartoon Network.
So here we are, having just taken out a loan of a few hundred thousand dollars over the next thirty years. The economic climate doesn't look rosy, but God's bigger than that.
Thanks for all the words of encouragement you guys have given me.

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