We selected our photos today. As expected, we exceeded our allotment of 15 photos and had to pay for the extra five. If we had our way we would have traded in everything the wedding package consisted of for the whole set of photos.
It's weird. Despite my love for photography, Faith and I don't have that many pictures together. Seeing all 67 of them all neatly placed in an album sent neurons of happiness tingling up and down our spines.
The wedding's about three weeks away. We're frantically scrambling around hoping not to do anything that might result in familial rifts. Leaving someone out of the wedding dinner, addressing them the wrong way in the card, wearing the wrong colour on that day…we never can tell what would rub the wrong person the wrong way. Right now we're just going to do our best, and if there are those who find fault in the minute details, we're pretty much resigned to it. We're practically running on vapour at the moment.
Pray for us. That we'll remember the essence of the wedding. It's not even our own union that lies at its core. It is the reflection we provide of Christ's love for His bride the Church.

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