Seeing is Believing

I haven't been actively looking for a job yet. Believe you me when I say that wedding preparations are a full-time job in itself. It has been a wonderful time so far, and God has graciously spared us from the royal family feuds that have plagued so many wedding-doers before us.
A job opportunity popped up for a short freelance photoshoot. It caught me totally off-guard as screen-names from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) quickly became voices on the mobile phone, and then real names and faces. It was even more surprising (closer to shocking actually) to learn that one of them lived a few houses down the road.
A game of ping-pong ensued as I struggled to find the confidence to shoot commercially. They needed me to shoot film – something I haven't done since my teens. The photoshoot was to be done tomorrow – a notice of a little more than two days. When lighting equipment was mentioned I panicked. This small mound had become a hill, and the hill a mountain.
I stayed up the entire night reading up on commercial product photography, as well as the nuances in using film format. I even borrowed Evan's Canon EOS 1 for a day. Spent the whole afternoon today shopping for paper that could be used as a backdrop. Heart still very much in my mouth, I prepped myself the best I could.
The text message came a few hours ago. The photoshoot got postphoned. I'm half-relieved that the pressure's off for a while, and a little upset that it got me all riled up. The dominant feeling is one of thankfulness though. I'd never have learnt what I had over the last 48 hours if the heat wasn't as high as it was.
The whole episode stirs up my intrigue while regard to approaching photography as a viable career option.

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