Shoot Shooted Shot

Faith and I had our indoor photoshoot done tonight (we had not the funds to pay for the outdoor one as well).
I was initially rather apprehensive about it. To strike a "natural pose" is to accomplish the impossible. The very phrase is in itself an oxymoron. Why else would we call people who seem fake "poseurs"? Given a choice I'd much rather be natural and have a National Geographic photographer snap away in the same manner he would a gibbon or rhinocerous.
It didn't take too long for me to start enjoying myself. For starters, Faith (who in her natural state already looks resplendent) looked like she could have stopped the stars in their orbit. Under the soft light of the set, I found myself already composing poetry in some futile attempt to capture the exceedingly abundant degree of beauty that stood before me.
Just a side-note for you guys: You'll end up standing by the side A LOT. The photoshoot is an activity dominated by the bride. Heck, make that the wedding.
When I stood beside her for photos, the photographer actually asked us to tone down the smiling. I wasn't smiling because I wanted to look good or anything. Just feeling Faith's warmth beside me and knowing that it's a feeling I'm privileged to have beside me my entire life sends my heart in throes of ecstasy. I almost burst trying to hold the joy in.
Six and a half hours later, we walked out and returned to our normal lives. I still had reddish hair and she had half a pound of hairspray on her head.

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