Sound of the Streets

Having enjoyed ownership of a car in Tucson, I've clean forgotten how crowded public transportation in Singapore can get. The heartbeat of the city is best felt by the pulse in its veins. Sitting in a bus headed downtown makes it seem like a gadzillion people always happen to be going where you're going at the precise moment you decide to go.
The cacophony of noises overloads my hearing. Thanks to a flat battery on my iPod, I was treated to a myriad of sounds that just made me smile. On top of a million cellular phones ringing their own unique ringtones, there is the sound of a million different voices, each on trying to be heard over the din. Mind you, this is in a crowded bus where the next person's face is barely two feet away from your own. Behind me stood a girl no more than twenty. She spoke with a half-baked accent that straddled back and forth from British and American. In the other corner Tamil was being spoken. Various Chinese dialects.
It's quite amazing why we haven't already gone mad.

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