Webbing Up

I'm probably the last of my kind. Living in Singapore where ownership of a cellular phone is commonplace, I <a href="">spoke vehemently about how instant communication has made us less reliable</a>. I thought I'd find a few others who thought like I did, and we'd all hold a mini-amish protest against the prevalance of the cellphone.
I sold out. With Dad using the home-phone for his business in the daytime, it has become close to impossible for friends to contact me. With a wedding coming up fast and needing some way for potential employers to contact me, I got myself a cellphone.
I had intially wanted the Sony Ericsson T68i with the Bluetooth function. It would have enabled me to sync with my powerbook for some really cool stuff with the <a href="">Salling Clicker</a>. It was on sale at $98 with the signing of a two-year plan. But Faith told me not to rush the purchase, and there is the unwritten law that technological devices always drop in price. The price shot up $300 and came bundled with a camera attachment I didn't need. I ended up getting the Nokia 6610, which I think is a pretty cool set, even if there isn't the Bluetooth functionality I would have enjoyed toying around with.
My number's 91262795. Drop me a text message, those of you whom I've got to meet up with.

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