Building Up

It's been somewhat hectic, and there have been times I've felt like a weaver bird building its nest. (You know, the kind of bird that builds the elaborate nest that's like a round-bottomed scientific flask).
Faith's been busy with work and has been extremely nonchalant about the details. She squeezes my hand every now and then, telling me that she's ok with whatever colour or design, as long as I'm there with her.
Ok, let me correct that a little. She's been extremely nonchalant till today. The workers have started tiling the floor; we've bought (ok I bought) the ceiling fans, ceiling lights; and the paints have been chosen. She got a little jittery when I told her how fast the work was progressing. I suppose every woman has a picture of what her home will be like, and the reality of my rather independent choices were now sinking in.
I brought her in to look at what the workers have done so far and she's happy with it. I guess we aren't soulmates for nothing. I don't claim to have a great eye for design; it takes me close to forever to redesign my websites.
Now that most of the major decisions have been made and things set in motion, I guess it's time for me to look (intensively) for a job.

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