Finding a Way

Now that wedding preparations are a thing of the past, I've moved on to the next big task of renovating the new apartment Faith and I purchased a few months ago. Thanks to my Mom's friend Liza, we've managed to nail it down to a pretty spiffy design. I spent the better part of yesterday choosing tiles and wood tones. It's hard to visualise what the house will look like despite the brilliant 3D hand-drawings of the designer. I haven't really settled down on a look for the house yet, so I'm trusting the designer quite a bit.
The issue of looking for full-time employment still hangs over me. I haven't sent out any resumés yet, and I'm still unsure of what I'd really like to do. Photography seems to be getting more serious, but I don't know if that's something I'd like to pursue as a career.
Ok, I'll stop ranting. I'm basically messed up and can't seem to make up my mind. Like most of my life, there are so many options to choose from and so many pathways to tread that my feet want to run in a million different directions.
I should just take a first step, I guess. But I want to make it a good first step.
Kinda hard when you don't know what walking feels like in the first place isn't it?

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