Fishbowl of Life

<p>Just need you guys to check if I'm normal, or if I'm the only driver in Singapore with such feelings.</p>
<li>When I drive, I feel a weird affinity with the person driving behind me. If he or she dumps me for the faster lane on the right, I tend to get a little upset.</li>
<li>There's an implicit sense of fairness on the road. If I've already given way to one motorist, don't expect me to give way to you – I've used up my benevolence. Try the next guy behind me.</li>
<li>If you're one of those drivers who like to zoom past on the free lane and then try to cut in at the last possible moment, forget it. I wish I could get everyone in the proper line to collaborate on keeping you out of the turning lane.</li>
<li>I often mutter "wish that guy would hit a tree / wall" when I see motorists driving recklessly. I think a solid tree or wall would take the hit better than innocent pedestrians.</li>
<li>I hate BMW drivers.</li></ol>

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