I Do (and Do)

Countdown has begun, and the wedding is in less than a week's time. I'd never have thought I'd be one to get the wedding jitters, but <a href="">Biscotti</a> correctly diagnosed me as a victim. It doesn't always manifest itself as butterflies or fear. In my case, I'm a little more (ok, quite a bit more) easily agitated. My mind is abuzz with the running of a thousand little things, all vying for my attention. There are a million things that could go wrong, and Murphy's law would have to be debunked for the wedding to go smoothly.
It is times like this that my faith falls through. We often read of the big things – a terminal sickness of some sort, retrenchment etc. – that shake our faith. But it is the small subtleties that attack the majority of God's people. It is when we become too swamped with doing that we forget His provision. We trust in the strength of our own arm. After all, aren't these things trivial and easily managable?
On the wall in Faith's house hangs a banner. Wriitten on it is the popular proverb "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths". It is so apt in this time where the both of us are caught doing, rather than praying.
Get back to basics. Our wedding is but a reflection of the heavenly. We need to stay in focus.

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