Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock

Though thankful that the wedding went by without any major hitches, I've now moved on to the job of renovating our new apartment. Not being the richest of newly-weds, we try to straddle the line between being budget-conscious and aesthetically creative. It'd be great if you folks could point me to any books of magazines that could give us some pointers on how to furnish or renovate a small living space without blowing a hole in the bank vault.
Faith went back to work on Monday, and the added stress of accumulated work over last weekend got her down pretty quick. As of right now I must say that taking up the job of being a house-husband (at least for a short while) is appealing to me. There are so many things I want to do to the new apartment, but more importantly, making Faith happy has always made me happy.
A single-income household is almost unheard of in expensive Singapore, but Faith and I seek a quality of life that is not defined by its opulence. I know it sounds too idealistic, but we really would like to live the simple life.

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