Min leaves for Tucson in the morning. I get to stay home this time, but her departure brings with it so many questions and longings. Home. Where its definition once seemed so certain and concrete, now eludes me.
The memory of Tucson lingers like a fleeting first kiss, its taste lingers ever so slightly, its existence caught somewhere between imagination and reality. Singapore and Tucson are very different lovers. I returned to Singapore because my friends and family were here, not to mention Faith who had endured more than a decade of waiting for us to be married.
But I can't forget Tucson. Her dusty perfume or her wide open spaces. Her easy-going manner is such a stark contrast to Singapore's hustle and bustle. Faith has agreed to go wherever I want to go, but we both want to be sure that whatever we choose lies within God's plan.
My heart tears in two.

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