Going Once

I went to my very first auction today. I had seen the advertisement in the newspapers. It promised Pentium 4 computers, digital cameras and even mobile phones. Hoping that no one would notice the ad hidden midway through the classifieds section, I headed down in search of a good deal or two.
I'm now typing this on my Powerbook, connected to a monstrous 21" monitor. 90 dollars. It would have been less if the bloke standing in the back hadn't been so bent on buying up every single large screen there was. The bidding would probably have ended somewhere around 60 bucks if not for the duel between him and me.
Photo-editing will be so much easier, given the larger screen. And besides, CRTs don't suffer from the colour inconsistencies LCD screens do. These past few months I've been putting up photos in the photolog with my fingers crossed, hoping I didn't oversaturate my bride and presented you folks with a tomato human being instead.
The experience at the auction itself was worth the trip. About a hundred people squashed into a tiny office, with old beatup wares in every corner. Not to mention the auctioneer's seamless transition from hokkien (a Chinese dialect) to motormouthed English, complete with auctioneer slang. The exhilaration of being part of a bid and the resigned sigh when beaten sent my heart up and down the emotional rollercoaster. The triumph of winning a bid comes with a tinge of "oh no hope the thing is working alright".
Seeing MacOSX on a huge screen is victory indeed. Wait till I fire up Warcraft! Darn, now I need badass speakers.

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