Lost and Found

Handed in my portfolio of studio shots to the company today. I was dressed in a pair of shabby shorts and my decade-old nike sandals. I had expected it to be a simple delivery run.
But things aren't always as simple as you plan them to be. I was asked to stay back a little while to explain the rationale behind my shots: why I shot the way I did and how. Like I mentioned beforehand, it is one thing to shoot opportunistically – you shoot because it was there, and another to create an image out of nothing. I had opted to take photographs of my Powerbook, my iPod, and my Victorinox Swisstool. Even non-photography buffs will tell you that shiny objects aren't the easiest to photograph, but I wanted to play with highlights, treading somewhere between producing something with nice strong lines, and being burnt because my iPod was too reflective.
I walked out of the conference room employed, not as a photographer but as a web designer. I guess God does work in His own mysterious ways. I ended up with a job that paid better than the one I applied for, and something I feel definitely more comfortable in.
So come Monday, I join the rest of the herd in heading to work. God does provide, and He does so wondrously.

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