Shot Between the Eyes

You should have seen me. I was like a kid in a candy shop for the very first time. Multi-coloured gel filters, giant softboxes and an army of lights had me spellbound.
An unfortunate side-effect of being spellbound is paralysis. I spent quite a lot of time just standing there, unsure of what to do. Though I've read up on product photography, I was a total n00b (l33t for newbie, and don't ask me to explain what l33t is; it'll just explode into more g33k terminology) when it came to the hands-on. While most of my photos involved making use of what was already there, studio photography involves more creation and less opportunistic photography.
I decided to stick to basic lights, though I now regret not having played around with the gels. It's amazing how beat-up my Powerbook and iPod look when under the close scrutiny of a lens gone macro. Dust seems to be always prevalent and my heart aches every time I discover a small scratch that doesn't disappear despite my best efforts to rub it off with my t-shirt.
I probably won't land the job. I have no qualms about the experience, for I now know more about the industry and the job, not to mention the two hours of studio-use I just enjoyed.

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