Swimming with Sharks

Every now and then Singapore surprises me. It is not too bold and sweeping a statement when one says that Singapore behaves like a big city, complete with the characteristic hustle and general irritability. It is especially so for the inexperienced job hunter; one who has little to offer except a body and a thin ego as a corporate meat-shield.
But like I said, there are exceptions to the rule. I went for an interview with a photography house for the position of a photographer. I entered into it with the slimmest of hopes as it was hardly my field of expertise or education. After looking at my portfolio they decided that I needed more studio-type shots in order to better ascertain my abilities.
I spent that day itself looking for studios to rent, and though they weren't too expensive, a dollar saved is a dollar earned when it comes to the world of the unemployed. I emailed the interviewer to ask if there were even a snowball's chance in hell that I'd land the job, and if it were worth the investment to rent the studio in order to beef up my portfolio. Instead of asking me to move my amateur behind out of the way, they offered the use of their facilities.
There's no doubt that it's going to be extra scary working under their eye, as opposed to doing my own thing miles away in isolation, but it's a form of job training if anything. After all, I'm as unsure as they when it comes to figuring out if I really have what it takes for this line of work.
I'm excited, and I can't say I have been this intrigued for some time. It's good to be excited about work, potential or otherwise, right?

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