Against Time

Every night when I climb into bed and stretch out under my blanket (we each have our own) there is an inaudible (sometimes audible) squeal in the back of my throat. It always feels like the first night of a sleepover – an odd mixture of excitement and soothing comfort. Always the one who comes in much later while you are sleeping (work at the computer demands much of my nights), I always spend my last moments awake looking at you.
It's only been a little less than a couple of months, but I often pray that I'll look upon you this way every night for the rest of our lives. My heart alternates between an indomitable hope and a quivering fear. We've seen too many relationships go sour due to the degenerative properties of time. It becomes even more important to realise that we ought to spend our days wisely, building upon what we now have. Merely holding the fort will only leave us dwelling on better and sweeter days gone by.
I cannot make you promises of forever, but I've set my heart to training: to go the extra mile everyday, that we may have the endurance to finish the race together.

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