Austin Revisited

While contemplating over whether or not to start up my little web design company, one of the things which motivates me to go ahead with it is the freedom that comes with it. Namely, I wanted to be able to take time to research on new web technologies, keep current with web design methods and ideas. Ok, truth is, I wanted to be able to attend <a href="">South by Southwest (SXSW)</a> on the company account.
Attending it last year was an eye-opener. Just physically being in a place where so many ideas were bounced around was a quickening of the mind and imagination. Though I wasn't any big-time programmer or designer, there were no false pretenses or massive egos. Ok, maybe there was a reverent silence when <a href="">Ben and Mena</a> walked in on us at <a href="">Kick! 2003</a>.
<a href="">SXSW 2004</a> registration is open, and my imaginary company has yet to be registered (stupid online registration process screwed it up) and not enough money has been made for the gargantuan airfare.

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