Day One

It's been a long time since I've had that much data to absorb in a condensed period of time. My brain ran complex physical models to understand how light rays were manipulated by tilting the lens board of a 4 by 5 camera, memorised what each and every knob did, composed mental ERDs (Entity-Relationship Diagrams) in attempts to produce a more streamlined method of data organisation for the half-completed website, and still found time to explore visually aesthetic site layouts while planning out the CSS elements.
All this in a day. And a night (I had homework). It's would have been easier if I had a clean slate to work with. Now with a work already in progress, I feel restricted to work within the given parameters, even if a different perspective and style was chosen. I don't necessarily agree with what has already been done, but am too nice to take the sweat and toil of other people lightly and discard them. I am aware that it is these compromises that result in half-baked websites.
The thought of starting my own web-design company has lingered on my mind for the longest time. I've seen so many terribly coded sites (not that mine is perfect; I've so much CSS to clean up) that something stirs within me to evangelise compliant standards. Many Singapore web designers are still coding multiple versions to suit various platforms and browsers, and some are (gasp!) using Microsoft Frontpage.
I know I'm ranting incoherently. I don't know whether or not to strike it out on my own. The possibilities both thrill and scare me.
The contract that would put me on the path of the safe and sure remains unsigned. Where do I go from here? Where does God want me to go?

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