<a href="">Kristen</a> always seems to land the most news. Her <a href="">latest find</a> on <a href="">misused doggy poo bags in Singapore</a> highlights a larger problem: Singaporeans can't speak English.
Faith and I were lamenting that Singaporeans weren't treated as "native" speakers of english despite having sacrificed our own "native" tongues to learn it. This formed a natural barrier to many jobs that would have otherwise been open to us.
With the doggy-poo article out in the international press, our place in non-native-english-speaker land is etched in stone. An example of our fluency in the article:
<blockquote>Some of them they bring their dogs here and they poo here and they just pretend they don't see. Then we saw it and tell them they say where, where, where. I said there, there, there.</blockquote>
The thing that scares me is that it makes perfect sense as I read it. Maybe we really are english illterate.

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