Meaningless Meaningless, All is Meaningless!

Thanks to <a href="">Kottke</a>'s <a href="">post about validation and semantics</a>, my previously already strong urge to redesign Tribolum now surges through all my veins with even greater drive. Like a large number of designers, I avoided the hierachically-correct &lt;hn&gt; tags and applied classes, creating my own language along the way.
While my own naming convention makes sense to me, &lt;div&gt; and &lt;span&gt; tags and their attached classes have <a href="">no more meaning than made up XML tags</a>.
Though not a great discerner of the hidden world of semantic meaning, I'm slowly picking it up and learning to code more efficiently. A great place to start is Dan Cederholm's <a href="">simplequiz</a>.

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