Media Makeover

Remember Jessica Lynch? The U.S. army private who got <a href=",2933,82923,00.html">stabbed, shot and kidnapped</a> by the Iraqis during the height of the Iraqi war? Remember the <a href="">daring rescue by the U.S. Marines</a> who broke into a highly fortified Iraqi hospital via helicopter insertion and stretchered Private Lynch out <a href="">using the U.S. flag as a blanket</a>? Or how she was beaten so badly <a href=",2933,85936,00.html">she had amnesia</a> and couldn't remember being beaten?
I can almost hear President Bush humming the Star-spangled banner on this one. The television networks are clamouring over who gets to tell her story. She finally <a href=",1,12507,00.html?tnews">lands a deal with NBC</a>. Get ready to read her book, watch her MTV, eat her cereal and listen to her songs. The <a href=",1,12188,00.html">line between entertainment and news is blurred</a> as FoxNews still <a href="">proclaims that it is the only "fair and balanced" entity</a> in the world.
I was <a href="">stupid enough to fall for the Tomahawk Missile crap</a> back in the first Gulf War. If you believe this whole Jessica Lynch story without as much raising your eyebrow, you're more gullible than I thought.

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