Thunder Thighs

Played two hours of basketball on Thursday, three hours on Friday and went for the 10km <a href="">Big Walk</a> early this morning. I think sleep will be especially sweet tonight.
I have been wanting to take part in the Big Walk for many years now. Back in the day it was an event more focused on charity than community-building. I'm not even sure how the 4 dollars I put into the Walk will be managed, or where it will go to. Maybe I'll be wiser next time. The Terry Fox run (which I participated in a few years ago) is coming up. There is less doubt in the focal point of that event.
Marching body-to-body with more than 50,000 people (my guess), it was inevitable that I'd have up-close encounters with smells that were less than pleasant. It was especially so at the course's midway point, where free isotonic drinks were given out. I was rather disheartened to see many Singaporeans grab as many bottles as they could carry. Some pushed their way out of the crowd hugging four or five bottles per person. Fools. Didn't they not realise they had 5 kilometres more to go?
I didn't take many photos due to the close-quarters we were forced to operate in. There were a couple of Singaporeans dressed as the Crocodile Hunter (our epitome of originality). Some pet owners were daft enough to dress long-haired silky terriers up in <strong>clothes</strong>. They seemed clueless as to why their pets refused to walk any further after only a short distance.
All in all, it was a good power walk down Nicoll Highway.

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