Vantan Visited

I forgot to mention that I had lunch with <a href="">Vanessa</a> two days ago. It was highly intriguing to find someone so similar in outlook, at least when it comes to Internet technologies and the general online industry.
While I started blogging back in 2000 because I thought I was dying from a humongous fever, Vanessa started because she was dying from boredom. We've both come a long way since using the dreaded Frontpage, and I can honestly say that there aren't that many people who care about semantics and proper markup as much as she.
It is hard to be optimistic about the web design industry in Singapore. Shortcuts are taken everywhere, and I know more than a handful of web design companies who use image-maps for entire sites. Maybe I'm being too purist and idealistic, but I know that coding properly will pay off in the future when XML kicks in hard.
Still wondering about doing web design for a living; starting my own web design firm; hiring Vanessa when or if I have more clients (who believe in web standards) than I can handle.

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