Wrong Liners

When I took a personality test many years ago, I ranked high in introverted <strong>and</strong> extroverted qualities. My organisational behaviour tutor tried to explain how the two qualities were not mutually exclusive, but I doubt any of us understood how the two seemingly contradictory elements could be found in a single individual.
Normally not one to conform to mass-hysteria, the extrovert part of me surprised myself this morning. I woke up at 6am, took the train to the other side of the island for the <a href="">Creative Lab's warehouse sale</a>.
It was only 7:30am when I arrived at Creative's headquarters. It was a good three and a half hours before the sale would begin. I saw that a handful of people sat in front of the entrance. I took my place as second in line. I was glad that my madness paid of. I came to buy the 5.1 speaker system for less than half its usual price — a discount available only to the first fifty buyers.
An hour and a half later, a woman wearing the company shirt came up to us and spoke to the first person in line. We had been waiting in the wrong line. The real line was downstairs and had spiralled round the building twice. The first guy in line arrived <strong>yesterday</strong> afternoon. That's more than 22 hours before the sale would begin.
I should have known beter than to think Singaporeans would give anything up easily. I came home without the speakers I woke up early for.

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