Zelded With Gold

I received a text message just after midnight this morning. Unwilling (and / or unable) to crawl out of bed to the table upon which my cellphone was charging, I left it unread and unanswered. I'm glad I did, or I would have had trouble sleeping. I'm sure <a href="">someone</a> in Singapore had problems with <a href="">excitement of her own</a>.
Vanessa left me a message that she had been linked to the <a href="">Zeldman</a> himself. For those of you not in the web design know, getting linked to by Zeldman is akin to having the cast of <a href="">Friends</a> give thanks to you on television after winning their Emmy. Or Brad Pitt bearing his butt on screen with your name tattooed on it. Or Kim Jong-il writing your name on his first nuclear warhead with a sharpie marker. It's a great honour – you get the idea.
Above all things, it shows that she's doing something right, and I'm glad for it. She's spent quite a bit of time on the redesign and her markup is impeccable. A part of me wants to turn hulk-green with envy, but I know good work when I see it.
Congrats on the Zelddie Vanessa! Way to go to put Singapore on the map.

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