Changing Platforms

Faith and I got ourselves a desktop PC. My last PC ran Win98 and I never bothered to upgrade to WinXP, only using it to play NBA Live 2003 on my sister's PC every once in a while (ok, almost every day). After having been spoilt silly by Mac OSX, using WinXP almost forces me to remap my intuition towards GUI navigation.
I'm thankful for Cleartype in WinXP. Antialiased text make websites look so much better (one of the main reasons why I got myself a Mac). Now I remember how much I miss the Alt-Tab function in Windows. Mac OSX (only lately) allows you to <a href="">switch between the last two applications used</a>, but not three.
For PC users who've always envied the iTunes music store. A <a href="">iTunes music store for Windows debuts next week</a>.

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