Clean and Jerk

After <strong>two</strong> clean (erase hard-drive and install) installations of <a href="">Panther</a>, I finally have what I think is a relatively stable working environment. My initial upgrade (over the older version Jaguar) disabled my browser. The clean installations resolved that issue, but the time / date icons, along with all the other icons on the menu bar refused to display. I surfed up and down the Internet for solutions, but not many people seemed to have that problem.
I finally found <a href="">the solution</a> on the <a href="">Macosxhints forum</a>. It was because I had put in Singapore as my place of residence. The difference between the way we display dates (dd/mm/yy) and the American (mm/dd/yy) somehow meant that the date had to be rendered in unicode (that's what the browser told me) and therefore display on the menu bar was impossible.
So falsely reporting a residence in USA solved the problem. It worked for many refugees. It saved me this time.

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