Coughing Hairballs

I've always been a cat-lover. I love the sleek way they slink around and their lean, muscular build. Like most boys I chased them around when I was much younger, but only because I wanted to pit my speed against theirs.
In my adolescence the thought of owning a cat was not entirely adverse to me, but when face to face with the prospect of having my furniture scratched up and made into a makeshift litterbox I shuddered. I've read about how you can make scratching posts for them and potty-train them while their young, but the fur-shedding is unstoppable. You'll get cat-hair on your food, your clothes and on the inside of your PC.
After many hours of housework, I now understand why there are plenty more women cat-owners than men. Women shed <strong>way more</strong> hair in a day than any cat in its lifetime. After Faith is done using the hair-dryer, she leaves behind a miniature rainforest in her wake. It's no wonder the problem of cat-hair doesn't faze the female species.
I still love cats. I'd hate for them to be bald. Isn't there a better way for us to live together?

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