It's been far too long since I went for a photo-walk, something which I did ever so often in Tucson. I suppose it was easier then; I didn't have a wedding to plan and execute, a house to renovate and move into, or a sister-in-law's wedding to help out at. I suppose I walked about because I felt lonely.
There's a sweetness than comes with loneliness. It's melancholy and longing seems to satisfy some masochistic desire within me. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy sharing my life with Faith. It's just that happiness and bliss is enjoyed with such jejune candour. Life kinda loses the dynamic range in good times, when happiness is at a max.
I will not forget the sorrow of unrequited love or the loneliness of the long-distance relationship because it is only in remembering these times I can fully appreciate what I have now. And I grasp with more gratitude the grace that has been given me.

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