First Knight

Last night was our first at our new home. Faith and I spent the last few days doing some heavy lifting. You really don't know how many clothes you have until you're made to carry all of it from Point A to Point B. I had to employ a lot of ingenuity in the process – including wrapping <strong>all</strong> my clothes in my blanket and hoisting it over my shoulder ala Tony Soprano's lackeys.
It was oddly melancholic, largely because moving here meant moving away from my parents', where so many memories had been created in our twelve-year courtship and the first three months of being married. We know we'll miss coming home to a house full of people: my sister Louelle watching telly, grandma daydreaming, aunty lyn bringing out soup she boils for dinner every night. Dad would be sitting at the dining table peeling some fruit for Mom, who would later complain that he was trying to make her fat.
When Dad drove us here yesterday there was a sudden sadness as we walked to the elevator and he drove back home. The physical parting of ways hit us profoundly.
There are times when independence sucks, and I want so much to stay stagnant in time. I thank God for the Asian family mentality, where extended families are common and staying with one's parents an accepted practice. I know that there'll aways be two spots at the dinner table for Faith and I.
I've just finished unpacking all our books. Faith has a ton of children's books and I have a ton of geek books ranging from <a href="">Dante's Divine Comedy</a> to <a href="">How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way</a>. The bookshelf is a nice little escape from the spankingly new. The familiarity of books we've read takes us back in time somewhat.

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