Happily Ever Afters

Cinderella danced away with her prince charming. He made everything seem so surreal and perfect. Now, held in his arms, she experienced the sort of euphoria that seemed strong enough to last a lifetime, if not forever.
While she waltzed her way through the enchanted forest, she came upon Snow White, who was still lying in the enclosure of glass, still asleep.
You see, fairy tales are told far and wide, but no one remembers how they correlate with each other anymore. Chronologically, Cinderella found her happy ending before Snow White found hers. Frankly, at that point in time, no one knew if Snow White would ever find a happy ending, or if sleeping was already the end.
Cinderella paused. How could she feel such happiness in the face of so much sadness? Was it selfish to celebrate the closure of her suffering while so many were still in the midst of theirs, with no end in sight? Goldilocks was still being held captive by three rather ferocious bears and a rescue grew improbable as "Baby Bear" had grown to a gargantuan size. Her joy was now mixed with a forlorn sorrow. She made a silent wish in her heart; that if it were at all possible, that her joy be foregone if the rest of the world could experience but a shared fraction of it.
Was it fair that she should be in such bliss? Was her waltzing around, public displays of affections with P.C., blogging about her honeymoon rubbing salt in the wounds of others? Or did it give them hope that a happy ending was possible?
She planted a kiss on Snow White's glass canopy. She wished with all her heart for Snow White's happiness.

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