I Love Spam

The <a href="">salty kind</a>. You can make a lot of money out of it too. Even with a website that plays cheesy (pun intended) music.
Comment spam (where low-life idiots put their ads in your blog's comments) has been in the limelight recently, with <a href="">Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist</a> made an almost required plugin for any <a href="">MT</a> user. An example of comment spam lies right here in Tribolum. Read the <a href="">comments laid down</a> by a Mohd. Aqil who sells brass candlesticks. Comment spam is now getting smarter and more automated, using bots to generate comments like the <a href="">one at</a>. I've had to manually delete a number of those already.
So spammers, don't bother with this site. You can't sell squat here. I know because I've tried. No one will buy my photos. I'm sure no one will buy your candlesticks so their houses can look like <a href="">the Esplanade</a>.

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