Keeping House

The last few days have been extremely tiring. Faith did some major importing of books from her parents', and that required quite a bit of shelving. When I get into the groove, I start tidying up the entire house: cleaning the floor, wiping any horizontal surfaces, even stacking up coasters to form a star of David, and then sitting the zen-like kettle Cheryl bought for us from Vietnam over it.
I've also been delving in the tweaking of midi files. I'm hardly what you would call musical and I can't even play "Happy Birthday" on the keyboard without hitting all the wrong notes. But I've been adjusting sound volumes on different tracks, finding soundfonts and converting midis to wavs so I can burn them on a CD for Faith. So in a sense, her job productivity has doubled to superhuman levels. I'm starting to think this is how the top dogs do it. They really do have 48 hours in their day.

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