Met Up

Guess it's only right if I complete the trackback circle. Singapore had it's first official <a href="">MT Meetup</a> Monday night at Olio Dome in Suntec. There was a <a href="">non-MT user</a> who turned up, but like most non-business meetings in Singapore, we were there for the food. The company comes a close second and the agenda is often nowhere in sight.
<a href="">Kristen</a> printed a set of <a href="">MT</a>-related questions in a feeble attempt to keep us on track. We know she did it because she's a permanent resident of Singapore and knows no better. Citizenship will be hers when she realises that food is the only thing that matters on this island.
<a href="">Vanessa</a> printed out a full-page MeetUp sign in case anyone missed our non-distinct faces. Us bloggers aren't usually the types that turn heads. The proof of our geeketry was in the pie: When Kristen mentioned about her plans to buy a digital camera, the other three of us all whipped out our gadgets.
We did other "normal" things like complain about work (the rest of them who had work, anyway). <a href="">A L</a> had to spoil things by saying she was happy where she was at, which prompted Kristen to swap sides and embrace her evil corporation.
All in all it was a good meeting. The <a href="">potato wedges</a> weren't half bad.

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