It was my birthday yesterday (technically a few hours ago). Now of considerable age, birthdays are easily forgotten as years fly by. Though I joke about how Deepavali (the Indian festival of lights) falls on my birthday I scarcely remember its significance; or maybe it's because I downplay birthdays in general as unimportant.
We have been preparing for Ralph and Ai's wedding (which will be in a few hours). It is a far more important event, and I expected my birthday to pass by without so much as a mention or two about Indian worshippers gathering all over the world and lighting my birthday candles in their temples.
At midnight Min text-messaged me from Arizona wishing me happy birthday. Faith then brought out a slice of cake she had successfully smuggled into the house. It even had a lit candle and all. Today the boys from church greeted me with with a gift. The girls baked me a double-layered brownie wrapped around a bed of vanilla ice-cream. Casandra and Jaclyn gave me a beautiful hand-made cross-stich of my name. Min (through the wonders of the Internet) bought me a <a href="">George Foreman-styled</a> grill. Louelle bought me VCDs that must have cost her a good two weeks of allowance. Ralph and Ai pawned their wedding jewellery and got me an external harddrive.
As you can already tell, I am the center of the universe. Because it is Deepavali and I have a hundred-thousand worshippers praying that my every wish come true.
Or maybe it's because I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people, who in their very own special way encourage me to be as wonderful as they are.
I've forgotten more than my fair share of other people's birthdays; and in my financially broke state been unable to give sweet tokens of well-wishes. I hope you surround yourself with more grateful people who remember things better than I.

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