I met up with a web solutions vendor some time ago as a technical advisor to a friend who was their client. My friend hadn't arrived yet. You could almost hear an audible old western tune in the air as three of their top honchos hovered around me. We engaged in some "casual" chit-chat whilst waiting, but you could bet your life every word I uttered was prodded for signs of weakness. I couldn't be bothered, really. It was a non-paying gig and whatever ego I had had long been diluted through hours upon hours of housework. It was only through Faith's gentle manner that I held in me a calm sense of mere security.
They asked me what tools I used to make my websites. "BBEdit, Notepad or whichever text-editor is at hand," I answered. They all laughed. I didn't catch the joke.
"If you use notepad, I use the command prompt!" one of them said, eliciting more laughter from his band.
I blinked hard, the laughter still ringing in the air. I sat there half in shock that the idea of using a text-editor for HTML seemed so foreign to them. I swallowed, unable to think of something civil to say.
It was a good thing my friend arrived shortly. I may have been made more of the fool I seemed to be.

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