Sneak Peak

After the implementation of <a href="">Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist</a> that would solve the problem of spammers clogging up the comments on this blog, we began to talk about how <a href="">MovableType's Trackback feature</a> could be next on the target list of the spammer mastermind.
I read <a href="http:/">Mark Pilgrim</a>'s post about how the <a href="">spamming industry was headed by a mafia-type organisation</a> and originally thought it quite the stretch, but I'm now thoroughly convinced that Mark hit it right on the head.
The next big avenue of spam will probably through the referral logs. Bloggers use referral logs to tell us who reads our site and where they came from. I've already received a few links leading to pornographic websites on my logs, which means that they're already out there.
Ever watched <a href="">Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone</a>? J.K. Rowling gave us an illustration of spam when she wrote about how letters for Harry were pouring in through the windows and the chimney. Just as Uncle Vernon was unable to stop the influx of mail by nailing the mailbox shut, we need to find alternative ways of stopping spam.
<a href="">Matt Haughey</a> posted about how we ought to be <a href=""> attacking the spam business model</a> rather than building walls to block it. <a href="">Slashdot</a> posted an <a href="">innovative idea on attacking spammers</a>: If we all responded to a particular spam mail (comment, trackback etc) in a coordinated attack, we could drown the spammer in bogus responses that leads to no sales, not to mention taking up an extraordinary amount of bandwidth or mailbox space.
It is possible that a Rebellion will soon be formed, not unlike the one in Star Wars.

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