Taking the Smaller Stage

There is a fear that paralyses. Some people rise up above it to meet the challenge head on and get a kick out of the adrenaline rush. I seem to reserve that courage only for Braveheart moments.
I had the <a href="">intention of participating in the Singapore Nike Freestyle Competition</a>. After so many years of playing basketball recreationally, my ambidexterity manifested itself after I broke my right hand last year. I have since been able to pull off basketball stunts and tricks with my previously lacking left hand.
I thought it was a Braveheart moment. Take the center stage to see how I stacked up against the rest. Let my hair down and have a little fun. Sure, the fear of failing in front of a gadzillion people was there, but I've been on stage before. How different could it be, right?
In my life basketball has always been closely tied to my spiritual walk with God. The early mornings (back in secondary school) spent shooting hoops was some alone time I spent talking to Him. Somehow something didn't feel right about using a gift for self-glorification. When I say gift, I say it as something truly given, not something I am innately born with. God knows I'm no Michael Jordan.
Freestyle basketball is very in-your-face. It has helped me relate better to the neighbourhood youths as well as the boys in church. I think I will keep performing to that audience.
So there. I did not sign up for the competition. I did not get a shot at appearing on MTV. I did, however, showcase my tricks to the people behind who didn't have a good view of the competition. A few others (who participated) joined in and we had a ball of a time.
I don't know if I'm rationalising my cowerdice, but somehow I feel thankful that I opted to stay in the amateur circuit. I'm still up to balling with any of you ballers if you want to though. Just leave me a note or email me.

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